The 2" MiniPin Black Edition
The 2" MiniPin Black Edition
The 2" MiniPin Black Edition
The 2" MiniPin Black Edition
The 2" MiniPin Black Edition
The 2" MiniPin Black Edition
The 2" MiniPin Black Edition
The 2" MiniPin Black Edition
The 2" MiniPin Black Edition
The 2" MiniPin Black Edition

The 2" MiniPin Black Edition


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The 2" MiniPin - Black Edition Designed to allow an additional weight plate to be added to the side of your cable machine weight stack. This MiniPin is designed to be used with 2" Olympic plates that have a 2" (50.8mm) hole in the middle. The part that enters the weight stack is available in 2 sizes: (select the same diameter size as your gym equipment's existing weight stack pin)
  • 8mm (5/16") diameter
  • 10mm (25/64") diameter
Pro Gym User 2" Mini Gym Pin Machine Extender - Cable Stack Extender Designed to be a universal fit for all pin loaded machines, you should have no problems adding weight to your chosen machine and adding tissue in the process. Manufactured in the UK using the finest quality materials and stringent quality process. The limitations we found in our local gym were too much. Not enough resistance and certainly not enough to push us to our limits. When we spoke to others on the scene, they were the same. They wanted more from their gym equipment and needed a solution. Now you can build muscle using the kit that you have access to. Orders are usually dispatched within 2 days.
  • Large end – 80mm long, 49.5mm diameter
  • Small end – 102mm long, 8mm or 10mm diameter
  • 8mm - 494g
  • 10mm - 527g
Powder coated black for superior look + protection. *images are for illustrative purposes only and include our product line for your information. Think your buddy might like one? Join us HERE and earn commission if a customer buys using your unique code, they get a discount too! Check out @gym_pin for the latest videos of customers crushing big weights with GymPin. Please note: Orders placed (outside of the UK) are excluding VAT, taxes, charges and may be subject to VAT & Duty upon entry into the chosen delivery country.

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We pride our attention to detail at every step of the design and manufacturing process. The goal is to provide you with the best in class gym equipment to maximise your workout.

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Regardless of where you are in your journey. GymPin Products are designed to grow with you as you need to Add More Weight,



Saw these on Instagram and had to get one. A great product, well made and felt safe to use.

Brian Kenworthy

This is just what I needed. Doesn't weigh much either! Great job GymPin, this stays in my gym bag now :)

Carl Higgins

This gympin combo has transformed my workouts, I now use the cable machines that I used to stack again, now with added weight with plenty of room for more. The pair of machine extenders are great for leg day.

Author's name

Fantastic quality and great service arrived on time


Unbeatable tricep attachment. My new favorite attachment to do tricep exercises and a variety of back movements. Worth every penny. God bless you all!

Jesse Guerra

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